15 Best Victorian Hats (Buying Guide)

Victorian hats have a romantic charm in themselves. The ribbons, feathers, precious stones, etc. that used to be attached to the various styles of the hats made them look adorable. The bonnets were most famous at the time and in today’s modern world if you want to wear a Victorian hat, a perch hat or a riding hat is popular in fashion. Just wear one with your Victorian dress costume and you are ready to rock the party!

15 Best Victorian Hats

1. Victorian Derby Hat

The derby hats were quite popular during the Victorian era. You can wear this one with a veil and floral ribbon along with your gothic Victorian dress. A great choice to be worn at themed weddings, Halloween, and ball parties. This derby hat consists of natural wool fabric that keeps you warm during the chilly season. 

This is available in one size which fits almost all adults. The hat size is 57.5 cm approx with 11 cm brim and 10 cm of height. This beautiful piece is completely handmade with care and decorated with veil netting and flower decor. You can wear it along with a long gown with a hoop skirt or a simple Victorian dress to tea parties, church, and other occasions.

2. Ladies Top Hat

This Victorian ladies’ hat consists of bird feathers, ostrich to be precise. The fabric of this hat is polyester which ensures the quality and durability of the product. If handled with care, you can preserve it for a long period. It is designed to have a veiling net at the back portion. It is available in one size that fits most people and the color it is available in is black which can be paired with any kind of dressing. 

There is a gorgeous brooch on the layout of the hat as well. You can wear it to carnivals and dance parties with authentic Victorian dresses. Great wear for Halloween and costume parties as well. You can also wear it for your theatre and stage performances to add a touch of the Victorian era to your performance.

3. Victorian Bonnet Hat

Made up from the felt fabric, this female hat is available in two colors, black, and white which are the authentic ones to be matched with any color clothing. You can wear one to portray the Amish culture. It was largely worn by the servants and common people during the Victorian era, so if you are performing on stage as a medieval woman, you can style yourself with this bonnet hat. It has ribbon ties to keep the hat in place. 

The size which is approximately 57 cm fits most adults and teens. The hard-sided felt keeps the hat in place and is also helpful in keeping the hat in proper shape for wearing multiple times. It is advised to spot clean the bonnet hat only. This deluxe felt bonnet hat is appropriate for so many costume dress parties, be it Frontier or Victorian. 

4. Male Army Hats

The Victorian era army hats along with an army costume can be a great style to be worn at Victorian-themed costume parties. This safari hat is made from 100% pith fabric as worn by the army at the time. You can wear it for a safari or other outdoor activities. The hat is available in khaki color and one size that fits most.

 The pit helmet covers and protects your head during adventurous activities. A leather band is trimmed on the brim of the hat along with a green color lining. For fitting purposes, an inner quick-adjust headband is provided with hook and loop closure, so the hat is going to be at the place while you move. A great choice that solves your costume and safari needs.

5. Steampunk Top Hat

Made from polyester fabric, this mini top ladies hat is going to steal glances from everyone while you wear this with your elegant Victorian dress costume. Available in two colors, brown and purple, the entire hat is decorated with black lace. The black sequin embellishment and the beaded details make it a super adorable piece to have in your collection if you are a fan of medieval fashion. 

It is advised to wash it only in cold water with a very mild detergent to protect its decor. A great choice that you can wear with your Victorian gowns, or with some gothic witch attire at Halloween. You can wear it for theatrical performances or dance parties as well. It can also be worn at pageants and proms if there is a theme for the medieval ages.

6. Women’s Church Hat

Available in 10+ elegant colors, this bucket hat is made for the ladies who can wear this during the winter season as it is made entirely from a woolen fabric. If it gets wrinkled after one wear, you can steam iron it with care and it gets good as new.

It is highly comfortable and the interior fabric makes sure to wick away the moisture if you choose to wear it during hotter days. The decoration of this Victorian hat is very eye-catching. The charming bow, feather, and flower design are sure to get you compliments along with the netted veil which is an addition to the charm of this gorgeous hat.

The approximate size of 57.5 cm fits most adults. You would be amazed by the number of events that you can wear this one to such as Weddings, church, cocktail parties, tea parties, racing events, costume parties, and many more.

7. Victorian Straw Boater Hat

Boater hats are something that can be fashioned for both men and women. You can wear it directly or you can fashion it with feathers and other accessories according to your choice. Straw hats are a great alternative to be worn during adventurous activities and are lightweight so you can be comfortable wearing these. 

This boater hat is available in multiple ranges of colors such as beige, black, brown, hot pink, and others. You can select one that matches your attire for the event. Made from natural straw, this hat for women is available in small size with a circumference of approximately 56-58 cm, which is enough to fit most adults. The black ribbon at the brim of the hat gives it a true Victorian look.

8. Red Top Hat

This magician style top hat for men is a unique choice to be worn for your costume parties. The material used is 84% EVA and 16% knitted fabric. The satin shiny color of the top hat is going to highlight your costume and make you the center of attention. If you are performing as a magician on stage or at some party, you can wear this. 

This formal hat can be worn with a formal costume dress at a Victorian-themed party or wedding as well. It is also suitable for holidays and cosplays. This 5-inch tall hat is supposed to fit most adult men and women and teenage boys and girls. It has a satin band along the brim. The soft inner fabric makes it comfortable for you to wear it for longer hours. 

9. Bowler Derby Hat

Made from 100% wool, this comfortable derby hat is suitable for all seasons and especially for falls and winters. This Victorian-style hat is available in five different colors, pearl, navy, black, brown, and grey. A great accessory for your formal and casual attire. You can also wear it to costume and theatre events as well or during Halloween if you are going as a ghost of a Victorian gentleman. 

It can be worn to exhibit Irish fashion as well. It is going to look handsome with your tuxedo and tails along with some handsome oxford shoes. The woolen fabric is durable and it has two inches rolled brim with ribbon bounded edge and four inches around the crown. It is fully lined with a leather inner band. 

10. Summer Straw Hat

If you are planning a day out with the girls on a hot summer day, or fishing or you are going to the beach for the weekend, then you should carry with you this straw hat which has got anti-UV rays features. Cotton and polyester blended breathable material give you a comfortable wearing experience and the lightweight hat is easy to carry for long hours.

 It protects from the harmful UV rays from the sun. The wide and large flabby brim provides enough shade to your face. The big bowknot decoration on this hat makes it a stylish piece from the Victorian era. Easy packing with other stuff of yours and the shape does not get damaged. Great to be worn with summer dresses and is suitable for seasons like autumn, spring and summer.

11. Bird Feather Headpiece 

This floral mesh feather headpiece for women imitates the medieval age appropriately. The flower, feather, beads, and ribbons along with netted decor make it a classic choice that you can wear with your adorable Victorian gowns and dresses. It is completely handmade with gorgeous flowers, feathers that sway in the wind, and the classic mesh shape from the Victorian period. If you want to stand out from the crowd at a party, you should wear this with your dress. 

The headband fastens under the hair and makes it sure to keep the entire thing in place. It consists of a transparent yarn as well and the entire gathering of all the pieces together makes it a vintage piece. Great for Gatsby parties, tea parties, Halloween, Duchess costume,s, and many such occasions. 

12. Victorian Doll Hats

A set of colorful Victorian mini hats that consists of six colors, black, pink, light pink, red, blue, and purple. These mini hats are appropriate to wear with long flowy gowns and Victorian-style dresses. The design of these hats consists of feathers, netting, ribbon, and flowers. Such a colorful collection to your wardrobe, these are fit for kids and adults to be worn. 

Clips are provided underneath to fit it according to the head size. Get these to add some romantic touch to your attire. You can style it as a bridal or a flower fascination, whatever suits the occasion. Having 3.2 inches dimension, these are suitable for occasions such as tea parties, cocktail parties, bridal parties, weddings, dance parties, and custom parties.

13. Men’s Satin Top Hat

Made from natural wool, this top hat from the fashion of the Victorian era is fit for costume parties and Victorian themed parties. It has got a fully lined satin interior. The grosgrain ribbon band displays the premium quality and craftsmanship through which the hat is designed. It is available in small to XL size and hence, fit for several age groups. You can wear this with your formal wear and also with costumes.

This hat also features a coachman silhouette along with two inches flashed brim and five inches squared crown. This vintage top hat can also be worn during stage performances or birthday parties of kids while you are performing as an entertainer. The solid color wool body finishing along with the tailored look, and the bound edges around the brim give it a classy look.

14. Victorian Wedding Hat

This beautiful dress hat is lightweight and is available in so many eye-catching colors for you to choose from. It is made from polyester fabric and hence, quality is assured. It features a drawstring closure that helps you adjust it according to your head size. The high-quality encryption yarn is used which is far better than the general yarn. 

The ribbon-style adds to the charm of this simple yet elegant hat. You can wear it to both formal and casual occasions such as a church, weddings, Kentucky derby, cocktail party, ascot race, tea parties, shopping, travel, small outings, and formal events.

 The crease on the hat can be recovered through steam ironing it and immediate air drying. It can be paired with long and short summer dresses and heavy Victorian gowns as well.

15. Victorian Top Hat

This authentic grey colored woolen top hat is fit for Victorian gentleman looks. You can wear it with your magician costume or the medieval costume. You can also wear it with your formal attire to events such as weddings and church. The 100% woolen felt fabric keeps you warm during the cold weather and it can be worn during the warmer days as well. 

The crown of this Victorian hat has a height of 7 inches and it comes with 2 inches brim. It also has a black faux leather sweatband and white satin lining. The shape of this hat can be restored through steam ironing if it gets a bit wrinkled while carrying or keeping it without use for a long period.

A great choice for your Halloween gets up as well. A classic Victorian era hat to have in your closet. 

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