10 Best 1930s Style Blouses and Sweaters for Women

During the 1930s, the ideal women were expected to be tall and small waisted. But since these beauty standards are not always humanly possible, women tried to match with the ideal beauty standards by selecting their blouses and sweaters accordingly. In this article, we will discuss the best 1930s style blouses and sweaters that are elegant and easily accessible online.

To make it look like women have tiny waists, they started wearing blouses and sweaters with puff sleeves, or large collars and shoulder pads so that their bodies looked wide-shouldered and hence, narrow-waisted.

Flowered prints, polka dots, and stripes in seasonal colors were the most common designs used for blouses back then. Decorations like ribbon flowers, colorful buttons, tassel ties, and small textures were used for the 1930’s style blouses and sweaters. 

We are sure you are in love with 1930s fashion and are looking out to buy some blouses and sweaters that would take you back to that era and make you look modest and fashionable, even in the 21st century! 

Check out the elaborate descriptions given below for each of the products, and get your hands on them as soon as you can, to make a fashion statement in front of your friends!

1930s Style Blouses and Sweaters

1.Belle Poque Women Short Sleeve Knit Cardigan

Belle Poque Women Short Sleeve Knit Cardigan

This is a stylish and modest short sleeve cardigan, which has a button-down design and puffed sleeves with a V-neck, is the best outfit for you if you are looking for something comfortable, yet fashionable. It has soft fabric and is extremely lightweight, which makes it feel good on the skin, unlike most sweaters which feel itchy and irritating on the skin. 

It is the perfect classy and cute sweater which can be paired with a range of items, like, skirts, shorts, jeans, pants, camisoles, etc. It can even be worn with a dress. Unlike other such cardigans, this one is not see-through, but is well made and thick, which is another reason for you to try this out! Though it’s not made for heavy winters, it is perfect for autumn, spring, and early winters. 

The material is 65% viscose and 35% acrylic. The garment is elastic, which makes it an easy fit and also makes it super comfortable. The sleeves are puffed in just the perfect amount, which prevents your shoulders from looking too broad. It also holds up on wash and does not loosen up after a wash, like most other cardigans.

Overall, this is a beautifully made 30’s style sweater that looks adorable and chic at the same time!

2.DPO Women’s Button Down Long Sleeve 

DPO Women's Button Down Long Sleeve

This fun printed button-down long-sleeved blouse will take you back to the ’30s! This top/blouse has a stand-up collar, which was the trend those days, but still manages to look good even today. It has a beautiful flowery print that automatically lifts your mood and brings good vibes wherever you wear it. It can be worn as a casual blouse, or even as a formal or business outfit.

It is also appropriate for you to wear this blouse to work, without worrying about any transparency. The material is 93.5% cotton and 6.5% spandex, which makes it comfortable to wear. The blouse washes well and is also easy to pack, so you can take it for a holiday or a work trip without worrying about taking up too much space. 

It does not have pockets, and its buttons, which adds to its elegance.

 It fits well and is easy to maintain. Altogether, this cute printed blouse will get you many compliments wherever you wear it!

3.ACEVOG Women Bow Tie Neck Chiffon Blouse

ACEVOG Women Bow Tie Neck Chiffon Blouse

This versatile polyester vintage style blouse is something you will instantly fall in love with and want to buy! It has a comfortable material and lightweight fabric that does not wrinkle and serves as a perfect business shirt, as well as a casual blouse. It has a bow-tie stand collar which is inspired by the 30’s fashion, with long micro puff sleeves and front buttons. 

It is not a very short blouse and has a standard length, which keeps it in place when tucked in. It can also be worn untucked with pants or skirts. The best part about this blouse is that only the sleeves of this top are see-through, while the body is lined, which makes it perfect for wearing anywhere without worrying about transparency.

 With this blouse, you can feel stylish and comfortable at the same time. It fits perfectly and will become one of your favorite tops as soon as you buy it!

4.YEMAK Women’s Crewneck Cardigan 

YEMAK Women's Crewneck Cardigan

This cropped button-down cardigan is a must in every woman’s vintage collection sweaters. Firstly, it is extremely versatile and can be worn for several events, be it for a Christmas or a casual business meeting, or even to college or on a date! Its material is 100% cotton, which makes it a comfortable wear, apart from just being cute looking.

 It is all-day wear since it is neither too hot nor too cold. It has a nice shape and is not overly bulky like some cardigans and sweaters in the market. It fits well and is warm and cozy to wear. It is a honeycomb knit sweater, which gives it a different look than a regular sweater. It has a cute cherry print which gives it an adorable vibe. 

One can easily turn their regular outfit into a cuter version by adding on this cardigan. 

5.Romwe Women’s Floral Print Casual Blouse

Romwe Women's Floral Print Casual Blouse

 A 100% polyester blouse, inspired by vintage fashion, is comfortable to wear and has a fun print. It has a mock neck, which is a classic 30’s fashion trend, along with a puff frill sleeve and a keyhole back. It can be paired with skirts, shorts or jeans and is perfect summer wear.

 It is not tight on the arms like other puff frill sleeves, if you order the right size. It washes well and does shrink or loosen upon washing. The best thing about this blouse is that it is lightweight and the material feels soft and smooth against your skin. The floral print makes it easy to match with any bottoms and still manages to give a cute, bubbly look. 

It is simple, yet fashionable, and hence, will turn out as one of your best vintage buys!

6.AmeriMark Women’s Cable Stitch Cardigan

AmeriMark Women’s Cable Stitch Cardigan

This is a cable stitched cardigan sweater that is inspired by 1930s fashion and is extremely feminine and gorgeous. Its crochet pattern gives this simple sweater an elegant look. It has a button closure front with the same colored buttons, which gives it a sophisticated look. 

The best part about this cardigan is that it has two pockets at the front, and we all know how important a pocket is at times! It is lightweight and not bulky but does not compromise with its warmth. The neck and cuffs are ribbed, which gives a warmer feel on the skin. It is best for early winters, or air-conditioned rooms when you feel like a sweater is needed.

 In comparison to other regular cardigans of this range, this one looks a bit classier than the rest. One can wear it with jeans or leggings, with a tank top underneath. It would also look great with a dress or a t-shirt and skirt. Pair it with boots and your winter look is ready! Overall, it is a well-knit sweater at a reasonable price.

7.ETOSELL Lady Bowknot Collar Shirt

ETOSELL Lady Bowknot Collar Shirt

A simple and classy chiffon long-sleeved shirt, which is as versatile as it can be! One can pair it with a high waist skirt, or pants, as casual wear or for a meeting, or even for a date! The best feature of this shirt is that it has a black ribbon, which is not permanent and can be removed whenever you like, according to the event you are wearing it to, or according to your mood! 

The fabric is soft and breathable and provides you comfort for as long as you wear it. One can easily wear it in summers without feeling suffocated by the heat. If you have an hourglass shape, this blouse will bring out your best features without any effort. It is the classic peter pan collared shirt, which will give you a cute, vintage-style wherever you wear it!

8.GloryStar Women’s Cropped Cardigan

GloryStar Women’s Cropped Cardigan

This stretchy and lightweight cropped cardigan is a must in every woman’s wardrobe! It is an extremely versatile cardigan, which can be worn for casual events or can be worn for work as well. It can be paired with dresses, or with a pair of jeans or leggings. It has a ¾ sleeve and an open front, with a ribbed hem and a draped neckline, which gives the right vintage and elegant feel. 

It is extremely soft and gives a gentle feel on your skin, and does not feel itchy or bulky once you wear it. The fabric is sturdy and the knitting is well done, so you can be assured that it would not droop after a few uses or after it is washed. The cotton blend gives it a nice stretchy feel; hence fittings are not an issue! 

It does not wrinkle, and neither does the color fade, thus making it a pretty little sweater, which you can wear in many ways, at several events!

9.FLORIA Women’s Cropped Cardigan 

FLORIA Women's Cropped Cardigan

This 100% cotton button-down cropped sweater is the right balance between classy and casual. It has a crew neck, and ribbed collars and cuffs, which is a design inspired by the 1930’s women fashion trends. The material is stretchy and lightweight and does not feel like a bulk when you wear it as most cardigans do. The knit pattern on this sweater is unique and elegant, along with its classic colors.

 It is the best cardigan to pair with your sleeveless dresses, which you want to wear in winter, but will freeze if you wear them without something woolen! The material is thick, so you need not worry whether it will give you enough warmth or not. But at the same time, it is not heavy and quite comfortable, and breathable. Once you buy this cardigan, it becomes your favorite go-to cardigan of all time!

10.GRACE KARIN Women’s Knit Button Sweater 

GRACE KARIN Women's Knit Button Sweater

This is a puff-sleeved front open sweater, which is inspired by the 1930s women’s, starting from its V-neck to its ribbed cuffs and hemline. It can be used as an open-front cardigan and also as a button-down sweater top. It is a soft-knit cardigan, which has a stretchy material, thus making it easy to adjust to your body and give you a charming winter look. 

The sleeves are 3/4, which gives it a casual look, but if styled accordingly; it can also pass as party wear or something you can wear to work. Most cardigans made of spandex are kind of clingy, but not this one. It is a slim-fitting sweater but makes sure that the person wearing it does not look too skimpy. Overall, it is a very well made sweater that gives a gorgeous winter, or spring look, along with a vintage touch!

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