10 Best 1920s Style Men’s Vests

The 1920s vintage vests were a part of every man’s wardrobe. These vests were included in their 3-piece suits and were indeed an important part of them. These men’s vests were usually high-buttoned and featured notch lapels. Although by the end of the ‘20s, vests didn’t feature notch lapels. The 1920s style men’s vests were generally single-breasted, and only rarely double-breasted. 

The three-piece suits of the ‘20s were quite costly and were not affordable by all men. To match with the rest, men started wearing unmatched vintage vests with the same colored trousers. Gradually through the years, men began wearing these vests without a jacket. This presented a more casual and sporty look, rather than always pairing the vests with suits.

If we are being completely honest, the 1920s vintage vests never really went out of fashion. They are as evergreen as most of the ‘20s fashion trends. A man can wear this vest today and still be completely fashionable, and not look like they’re wearing a vintage costume. Given below is a list of the 10 Best 1920s Style Men’s Vests for you to select from so that you can give off a classy and formal vibe whenever you want!

10 Best 1920s Style Men’s Vest

1.Ruth&Boaz Collar Suit Vest

Ruth&Boaz Collar Suit Vest

Ruth&Boaz has made this vintage vest which is inspired by the ‘20s style vests. The materials used for this vest are 50% wool and 50% polyester. These materials are responsible for making this vest extremely comfortable to wear. The wool makes sure that it keeps you warm during chilly winter nights. It is of imported quality and the seller advises its customers to dry wash this vest only so that its durability is maintained. 

It features a button closure as all ‘20s style vests did. It has a slim-fit design, which makes sure that the vest fits well and does not end up looking baggy. The vest features two side pockets on either side, which are real ones and not just for decorative purposes. It also features an adjustable belt at the back, which is made of satin. This belt helps in adjusting the vest according to a person’s requirements and comfort. 

The entire backside of this vest is made of satin, which gives it a classy and formal look. It is available in several colors, but the shade herringbone brown reminds us the most of the ‘20s!

2.PJ PAUL JONES Men’s Sweater Vest

PJ PAUL JONES Men's Sweater Vest

This one is a sweater vest by PJ Paul Jones, which is inspired by the sweater vests of the ‘20s. Sweater or cardigan vests were common back in the ‘20s, and are worn by most men even today. This vest is available in many classic colors, but the dark gray shade steals the show completely. The materials used here are acrylic and polyester, in a combination of 98% and 2%, respectively. 

The materials make sure that this sweater vest feels smooth and soft on this skin, and does not cause any irritation as most other sweaters do. It is sleeveless and V-necked, of course, and features a button placket. It has a beautiful knit design that features a cable pattern throughout the body of the vest. The hemline of this sweater vest is ribbed, which gives it a formal look.

 It is best for wearing during the winters and can also be worn during light autumns. The versatility of this vest is high; it can be worn with pants and a jacket, or with a pair of jeans to give off a casual look. Overall, this is a great fitting and affordable sweater vest of the ‘20s.

3.Walker & Hawkes – Men’s Tweed Waistcoat Vest 

Walker & Hawkes - Men's Tweed Waistcoat Vest

This is another true-to-size ‘20s style men’s vest by the brand Walker & Hawkes. This vest is available in three colors. One of the colors is dark sage, which is the most stylish one according to us. This vest uses many materials in its manufacturing. Wool is used in the maximum amount (65%), followed by 25% polyester, 11% acrylic, and 4% other fabrics. 

All of these materials work for this 1920s vintage vest uniquely, giving it a comfortable and durable life. The wool is responsible for adding enough warmth to this vest, which makes it perfect to be worn in winters or to use in winter layering. The fabrics are coated with Teflon, which makes the surface of this vest smooth, and not rough and uneven. 

It is a well-fitting vest which is available in many sizes, so we are sure you would find one perfect for you. It features a 5-button closure, just like the classic ‘20s vests. It also features a cinch adjuster at the back, which makes it easy to alter the fittings of this vest according to the requirements of the person wearing it. It is a great quality vest, which reminds us of the classic ‘20s.

4.H2H Men’s Slim-Fit Sweater Vest

H2H Men’s Slim-Fit Sweater Vest

This 1920s vintage sweater vest is one of the most positively reviewed and commonly bought vests on this list. Offered by the brand H2H, this vest is available in many colors. The black-colored one looks like the classiest one to us. This vest is made from 100% acrylic, which adds a nice warmth to it, making sure that this vest keeps you warm enough during all times. 

The material is flexible and is breathable, which means it won’t weigh down upon you and make you feel uncomfortable. This sweater vest can be worn to formal events with a pair of trousers and a jacket, or can also be worn as a casual outfit with a pair of jeans. This means the versatility of this vest high. It features a cable-knit design on the front, which is well-made and looks very elegant and vintage. 

The armholes, collar, and hemline are ribbed like most sweater vests. It is an extremely durable product that is machine washable and does not need any special care to maintain. The patterns are intricately detailed and the entire vest is very lightweight and stretchy, which makes this a very comfy and cozy wear. It efficiently resists wrinkles and maintains its shape. 

5.Hanayome Men’s Gentleman Business Suit Vest

Hanayome Men's Gentleman Business Suit Vest

This vintage 1920s formal vest is another very elegant and classy looking vest, by the brand Hanayome. The best thing about this vest is its simplicity. Like all other vests, this one is also available in several classy colors. The classic brown colored vest gives off a real vintage vibe. This vest is made from a blend of materials; 65% cotton and 35% polyester. 

These materials make this vest very comfortable to wear and also add durability to it. The brand especially advises its customers to dry clean this vest only so that it remains as good as new for the longest time and you can keep on wearing it. It is an imported product, which assures us of the high-quality of this vest. 

The exciting part about this package is that it not only contains the vest but also includes a bow-tie! The bow tie will add the right amount of the ‘20s into your look. Customers have claimed it to be the perfect vest, that you can wear to various events, be it formal or semi-formal!

6.VOBOOM Men’s Slim-Fit Suit Vest 

VOBOOM Men's Slim-Fit Suit Vest

Here we have, Vomboom presents, a dapper vintage 1920s vest, which is by far the classiest vests we have reviewed! Among several other colors, the Khaki colored vest is the most attention-grabbing one. The color gives a vintage feeling to this vest, which we are sure you would love as much as we do. The materials used for this vest are a blend of wool and polyester, both in a 50-50 ratio. 

The wool provides a cozy and warm element to the vest and the polyester is responsible for providing comfort. It is a single-breasted vest, just like a classic 1920’s style vest is supposed to be. It has a V-neck and a button closure, which includes six buttons. It also features two pockets on either side and one chest pocket. All the pockets are real and not for decorative purposes. 

It features a belt at the back that is adjustable and is responsible for an accurate fitting to the person wearing it. The woolen blend of this vest adds a comfortable and breathable feeling to this vest. It can ideally be worn for any formal or official event. Customers have claimed that this vintage vest is a professional delight!

7.Men’s Herringbone Tailored Wool Tweed Suit Vest 

Men's Herringbone Tailored Wool Tweed Suit Vest

This one is a different looking vintage 1920s vest, but is undoubtedly attractive! It is made from 80% polyester and 20% wool. Both these materials work amazingly together and as a result, make this vest comfortable and durable. It is available in many colors. The shade Z-Coffee is the one that we love the most because it adds a casual kind of look to the vest, which is something most people desire while shopping for the perfect vest to wear with a pair of jeans. 

This vest features a button closure with four buttons. The part that is different about this vest is that it has two flap-pockets on either side, which makes this the perfect vest for a casual or sporty look. The pockets have a one-button closure on the front. The collars on this vest are tailored. It has a light herringbone pattern spread all over the body of the vest. 

The back of the vest features a buckle strap, which is adjustable. This buckle-strap allows people to adjust the fittings of the vest according to their needs and comfort. It has a slim-fit design which makes sure that this vest does not look baggy when worn. If worn with a formal pair of pants and a necktie, this vest can also pass as a formal or semi-formal vest. 

8.The Celtic Ranch Men’s Blended-Wool Tweed Vest

The Celtic Ranch Men's Blended-Wool Tweed Vest

This one is a truly traditional and vintage 1920s style vest by the brand The Celtic Ranch. They have made sure that this vest looks as authentic as possible by adding all features of a 1920s vest. It is available in a total of three colors, brown, olive, and navy. All three of these shades work well with this vest, but we feel the brown one to be the best. It features a herringbone pattern and is well made with high durability. 

The materials used in this vest are wool and polyester, which makes this an undoubtedly comfortable and luxurious wear. The brand has added special care instructions to maintain the high durability of this vest. It must be dry-cleaned only, and should never be bleached. The vest has a button-closure featuring five buttons.

 It also features a belt at the back, which makes sure everyone gets to enjoy the best fittings from this vest. It has four pockets in total, two on each side. These pockets are fully functional and real. Overall, this is the most stylish traditional and vintage vest on this list!

9.Gioberti Men’s Tweed Suit Vest

Gioberti Men's Tweed Suit Vest

Some of you may think that all these 1920s vintage vests look the same. But, each one of these is unique in its way. This vest is by the brand Gioberti, a brand which is known for its fine excellence. It is available in several interesting shades, but the Khaki colored vest gives us a truly vintage vibe. The vest uses two materials for its manufacturing, polyester, and rayon, in the proportion of 70% and 30%, respectively. 

The materials make this vest a comfortable one and give it a smooth feeling surface. The front side of the vest features a tweed textured pattern. The backside of this vest is made of satin, which gives this entire vest a very formal and professional look. It features tailored collars and two front pockets on each side. It also features one chest pocket. All these pockets are functional and real.

 It features a belt at the back that is adjustable, thus allowing everyone to adjust this vest according to their requirements and getting a better fit out of it. This vintage 1920s vest is a versatile one that can be worn to a formal meeting or an evening party. The material is loved by most of its customers and so are its amazing fittings. It is available in several sizes, so be sure to find one that is perfect for you!

10.Kinlonsair Men’s Casual Slim Fit Sweater Vest

Kinlonsair Men’s Casual Slim Fit Sweater Vest

Since sweater vests were such a common type of the 1920s style men’s vest, we just had to end our list with one! This vest is by the brand Kinlonsair and is a very comfortable one. Three types of fabrics are used for the making of this sweater vest; 50% acrylic, 30% polyester, and 20% viscose. These materials add a nice warmth to this vest and also make sure that the surface is smooth and not irritating on the skin like most other sweaters.

 It is lightweight and soft, making it perfect wear. It features a simple design and is a blend of professional and casual. This vest is versatile, so you can wear it for more than one look. You can wear it for a formal event with pants and a blazer, and can also pair it with a casual shirt and a pair of jeans. It features a placket design, which makes this sweater vest look modern and casual. 

This vest is available in five colors, with the black one being the classiest. The seller has added special care guidelines with this vest so that its durability is maintained high. It features exquisite knitting and a ribbed edge. Customers have called this 1920s vintage vest stylish and comfy, and we have no reason to not believe them!

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