10 Best 1920s Men’s Knickers Pants

Knickers are a form of Mens baggy. These kinds of trousers came into the market in the pre-world war II era. Until the end of world war, boys used to wear short pants in summers, whereas knickers in the winter. Knickers, also known as knickerbockers which are imported from the US around the 1860s and longed till the 1920s. If you’re looking for the best men’s knickers pants which were popular in the 1920s, keep reading this article.

These knickers are compatible with some of the best suits, vests, and shoes in the market. If you’re looking for men’s knickers, the above products are a must-buy along with them.

Deep into this era, these trousers were used as fancy dresses and were worn for formal occasions. The name knickerbocker got into existence from the book ‘History of New York by Washington Irving which featured the frictional author. These are loose-fitting short pants gathered at the knee. All 1920’s men’s knickers pants came with very high waists with waistbands along with button suspenders.

Given below are the best 1920s men’s knickers pants available on Amazon, along with their elaborate descriptions for you to go through so that you can make the best choice.

1920s Men’s Knickers Pants

1. Wool Blend Herringbone 1920s Tweed Knickers 

Wool Blend Herringbone 1920s Tweed Knickers

Perfect shoes that will go along these Knickers

The name Tweed Knickers comes to mind when we talk about 1920s Mens Knickers Pants. These types of knickers are very comfortable to wear.

Most of them have two pockets at the front sides and 2 more button-back pockets on the rear offer plenty of room for a gentleman’s carry-about such as Sunglasses, Mobile phones, Cigarettes, Lighter, Wristwatch. The best feature about these knickers is that they have both belt loops and interior suspender buttons which makes these very easy and cozy to wear.

These types of knickers are mostly made up of acrylic, wool, and polyester. Dark colors such as black, grey, and brown are thoroughly used to make this pant look more stylish. These knickers are available in several sizes so that you can find your ideal size. One can wear these types of dresses in 20s themed parties, sporting and courting endeavors, particularly golf, rock climbing.

2. Concitor 1920s Men’s Dress Pants

 Concitor 1920s Men’s Dress Pants

The attractive white 1920’s men knickers pants provide you with the classic formal look. These knickers have a button closure which makes them very comfortable and easy to wear. They have two rear pockets and two front pockets which gives an appropriate contemporary look.

These pants are a blend of high-quality polyester fabric and rayon. The material is dressy enough to make sure that it gives a fashionable and elegant approach. The silky texture provides a shine. You can coordinate these knickers with a white tunic shirt and black polished shoes.

For the perfect fit, the inseam is unhemmed so that you can stitch according to your size. These knicker pants are very comfy to wear and they don’t wrinkle easily. The knicker pants feel and look more expensive than they actually are.

3. Hagger 1920s Men’s Knicker Pants 

Hagger 1920s Men's Knicker Pants

The Dashing straight knicker pants are significant for holidays. These 1920’s men knickers pants provide an atheistic and vintage look. It is made up of 100 percent polyester. The fabric and the design quality is high.

It has off-seam front pockets and doubles back pockets, making it easy to slip into it without any effort. They are very handy and machine washable which does not require any extra maintenance. 

The dark chocolate brown color which is laid out in a beautiful pattern throughout the dress makes it a stunning piece. These knickers can be worn for many purposes starting from themed 90s parties to sports activities. This can be also worn for official purposes.

4. The 1920’s Men’s Bosworth Knickers

 Men's Bosworth Knickers

The 1920’s Men’s Bosworth knickers will make you fall in love with the moment you lay your eyes on them. It is made up of wool, polyester fabric, acrylic and is of high quality making sure that the person wearing it is very comfortable.

They have belt loops, an interior suspender button, and a button fly for comfort. They have two front pockets and two back pockets so that you can carry your essentials such as watches, wallets, cigarettes, lighters.

These knicker pants are best for a themed party, lunch date, or a scrappy match of the round with buddies. You can wear these knickers pants with a club collar shirt, bow tie, and suspenders which will give you a sophisticated look. Versatile is the approximate word that suits these pants the most.

5. 1920s Men’s Archibald Jodhpur Knickers

Men's Archibald Jodhpur Knickers

If someone is looking for some costumes which date back to the Jodhpur Prince era, then these Archibald trousers will be a perfect choice. Inspired by the Jodhpuri style trouser of India, it had made its way through the foreign market. These are shaped in such a way that it is baggy from the waist to knee and tight from the knee to ankle. 

It comes in various colors ranging from black, brown, beige, and so on. You are going to get a royal look by the touch of these trousers and can be used for horse riding, hunting, playing horse polo and so on. These pants are usually made with cotton blend fabric whereas rayon and polyester are also used. 

It is so comfortable for one to use and even it comes with two buckles insides in the waistband for waist adjustment. The classic royale trousers come with buttons from calves to the ankle to make one much cozier in this outfit. It can also be washed properly and much more convenient. In general, this trouser has its royal look and the comfort of the user at the same time; with the price being much affordable.

6. Historical Emporium Men’s High Waist Henderson 1920s Trousers

Historical Emporium Men's High Waist Henderson 1920s Trousers

The high waist trousers are one of the most stylish ones on the list. It is made up of 100% cotton and has black and white stripes which makes it more attractive. As it is made up of cotton it is very comfortable and cozy to wear.

The 19th-century design details, including a high rise waist, v-notched back with adjustable buckle provides a magnificent look. Most people need to order one size up than their customary size because these pants sit approximately 1 inch higher on the body than modern pants do. These trousers have exterior suspender buttons, button fly, and have two inset pockets at the front waist and one on the rear.

These striped trousers can be easily worn to any party, to the prom, or for a costume party. One can wear a full sleeve shirt and a vest on top of these trousers which will make an outstanding outfit for a party. Black Oxfords Formal Shoes.

Overall, a stunning dress that would make you the showstopper anywhere you wear it!

7. 1920s Men’s Solid Thermal Henley

Men's Solid Thermal Henley

These kinds of knickers are made keeping in mind the comfort and luxury of the owners. These items are designed to keep yourself warm and protected from winter. Classic colors in a modular frame attract these even more.

A soft blend of 60 percent cotton and 40 percent polyester to make these thermal henleys. Even if it is an issue of fashion and trends. The henley has never backed itself from the list of the attractive and eye-catching winter wears. The product ensures no itching, scratching, or uncomfortable sweat. High-quality waffle knit fabrics are used in finely modified hands giving the thermal henley as the result.

These jumpsuits come in various sizes, thus making them more customer-friendly for children to aged people. Well, one more exciting feature includes one can easily wash it without any shrinking or splitting colors. Overall this is a product friendly item which gives you the best for money.

8. 1920s Tiglio Black Wide Leg

Tiglio Black Wide Leg

If you are searching for some mixture of woolen clothes with some comfortable outcome. Then this is the ideal product to choose from. The brand name tiglio provides these wide tag pure knickers perfect for people who love to wear vintage clothes that date back to the 1920s. These trousers come with flap back pockets and buttoned front belt loops.

The woolen attire makes one so comfortable that if you buy one of these pants, you will never claim to wear any other. They come in a size variant from 32- 50. Special features the belt loops, which provides you with a sense of vintage fashion, the flap of back pockets that makes the owner very much comfortable to carry belongings such as wallets and mobile phones.

The fine Italian wool with perfect stitching makes this product a great one. The works of fine hands sticking makes it very pleasant to wear. This product is much more convenient to use.

9.  1920s Steampunk Jodhpur-Style Knickers

Steampunk Jodhpur-Style Knickers

The ultimate British style and the style of adventures is projected with the high waist length and narrow at the bottom is what is known as steampunk jodhpur style pants. However, these pants come in sizes ranging up to chest size 42. 

These knickers are very stylish to wear. The product ensures no itching, scratching, or uncomfortable sweat. If you are looking for some adventure then these pants along with long boots are much more recommended. The full polyester material makes it well durable and satisfying to wear on any travel or tour.

These trousers come in a design of classic riding pants and are suitable for all kinds of fields. One can wear these knickers for party occasions or sporting activities. These trousers are perfect for people who love to travel in jungles or in remote villages which create this product worth your money.

10. 1920s Navigator Gothic Trousers

Navigator Gothic Trousers

If one is looking for medieval Viking navigator trousers, then these Steampunk Jodhpur style ones will be perfect. This costume comes in usually in black, brown, khaki shades with size variants from small to plus two sizes. Different styles can be found with the change of colors. 

There are button calves at the calf, with cargo pockets on sides along the legs tapered and hips fitted with calves. This costume is so comfortable that it can be worn in any season as well as can be suited on casual, active, party, or even formal occasions. The brand even ensures the costume’s lightweight texture and easily breathable is way too far advantageous for one to use thoroughly. 

These are also suitable for machine or hand wash and make it much more convenient to use. Usually, cotton and polyester are used to make these pants and it comes with fine stitching. This material makes these trousers much more comfortable for the people. Altogether this product is a pocket-friendly one and gives you the maximum comfort.

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