Best 1920s Kids Clothes (Boys & Girls)

Children’s fashion paves the way for adult fashion in the roaring 20s and this was much before the 20s fashion set in. Drop waist dresses designed with Peter pan collars and knickers with matching suits were worn by little girls and boys respectively. This is an indepth article on the best 1920s kids clothes for both boys and girls.

Even today, the Vintage style is much adored by the parents of small kids and they dress up their children in the style of 20s fashion. The boys are made to wear pants or overalls, shirts, and suspenders, or a vest with a matching flat cap hat. For girls, the style includes tea-length dresses with tights and mary jane flats. 

There are many options available online for you to browse and go through the fashion of the roaring 20s and make a choice for your kid and add something from that era to your children’s wardrobe. Let us begin with the boys’ fashion.

Best 1920s Kids Clothes – For Boys

1. Knickers Outfit Set for Boys

Knickers Outfit Set for Boys

This vintage five-piece dress suit set includes an ivory long sleeve dress shirt, houndstooth knicker pants, suspenders, houndstooth matching cap, and a houndstooth matching clip bowtie. There are buttons down the front portion and the sleeve cuffs. The flexible waist and modifiable suspenders make it a long-lasting product as kids grow fast.

The entire look is gorgeous and will look great for costume parties or just for a portrait shoot session. This style never goes out of style and the look attracts lots of glances and smiles. Your kid will be irresistible in a crowd of adults and will stand out of it with his style. 

The 20s style dress demands to be worn with 20s style shoes as well and what is more classic than the oxford shoes that are the popular ones from that era.

 20s style shoes

2. SK Vintage Baby Dress Suit

If you are taking your toddler to a social event then this classy houndstooth style is the one he should be dressed in. The classic houndstooth print never fails to portray the style of the 20s fashionable era. The five-piece set includes a blue shirt, knicker pants, and matching houndstooth suspenders, hat and bowtie. 

The elastic waist and suspenders are adjustable. This dress suit is suitable for special occasions such as Easter, Christmas, Halloween, Weddings, and Church. Since your kid will grow soon, it is always a good idea to capture some special moments and unique photos in this style with him.

The strap oxford shoes are also a classic choice to portray the fashion of the roaring 20s and your little man will look great in these.

3. Lito Boys Cotton Seersucker

This seersucker suit is going to look super cute on your little gentleman. The fabric is all cotton makes it comfortable for him to wear as kids become fussy when they are not comfortable while wearing something. This could be a great choice for the summer collection of your kid. The khaki striped seersucker is made to attract glances from around.

 The little star is going to steal hearts with this dress suit. The four-piece set includes a short-sleeve shirt that has a poly blend fabric, a khaki clip-on long tie, seersucker shorts with attached suspenders, and one matching cabbie hat. This dress suit usually runs short so it is advised to order a size longer. 

Boys’ leather canvas shoes look great with khaki striped seersucker and match the vibe of the style.

4. Boys Tan Knicker Set

If you are looking for tuxedos in 20s style for your kid then this might be the one you are looking for. As this one has got both style and comfort, your boy is going to look handsome in this dress.

 The five-set dress suit includes tan pinstripe knickers that are made from 100% soft polyester making it durable, a navy blue satin bow tie made of natural cotton, an ivory dress shirt which is a blend of both cotton and polyester, polyester khaki navy plaid elastic suspenders which are stretchable, and a newsboy hat. 

A gentle wash is recommended to protect the fabric of the shirt, knickers, and hat. 

Lace-up dress shoes for boys are a comfortable and all-time choice to be worn with formal dresses and it perfectly imitates the 20s fashion.

5. Just Darlings Boys Knicker Set

Are you planning to dress your kid like a 1920s adult in his costume dress competition? Then, you might have a look at this knicker set which comes with a vest. Portraying the gentleman style from the roaring 20s, this knicker set consists of striped knicker pants, a pageboy hat, and a vest all in grey color, a bowtie, and a white shirt. 

The shirt is poly and cotton blended and the vest, hat, and knickers are made from soft polyester. Apart from the costume parties and Halloweens, this is a great choice to be worn at weddings, Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, and even holidays! 

The loafer athletic shoes will look great even with the fashion of the 20s and this is a great combination of comfort and mix-matching the modern and the vintage style.

6. Tuxgear Boys Five Piece Outfit

This five-piece outfit portrays the classic fashion of the 1920s. The outfit includes navy blue classic knicker bottoms, baseball cap, bow tie, white dress shirt, and navy suspenders. Crafted in the USA, this beautiful garment features knickers with stationary pleated front and back waistband for easy fitting purpose.

 The bottoms are knee-length with a solid band with buttons on the side. The shirt has long sleeves with a lay-down collar. Elastic is provided at the back of the baseball-style cap to provide an easier fit. The suspenders are one inch wide with nickel finger clips and are fully stretchable. 

This is a beautiful piece for kids’ pageant parties or birthday parties. A great choice for costume parties, Christmas, and weddings as well. 

Loafers dress shoes from the 20s style is perfect to be worn with the formal style that your kid wears for a special occasion and at the same time provides him comfort.

7. Tuxgear Boys Khaki Knicker Set

This khaki knicker set is going to look great with the features that include knicker buttons, shirt, bow tie, vest, and page boy hat. The shirt is made from a poly-cotton blend and the rest of the set is made from 100% soft polyester.  An elastic waist fits easily. The button up the vest and the pageboy hat looks amazing if worn in weddings, costume parties, and churches. 

Looks great at Christmas, Easter, and birthday parties as well. The dress runs a size small so you need to order accordingly. A gentle wash is recommended. The shirt features lay down collar and long sleeves. The vintage style is appropriate to be worn on all occasions. 

An Oxford pair with classic runoff toe style is going to look handsome with this knicker set and the shiny leather will enhance the look of it.

8. Toddler Boys Sailor Suit Set

This is a four-piece suit set which includes a white shirt with a gold button and a shawl collar, the shorts features button attached suspenders with an elastic waist. The white hat features a blue brim with a matching embroidered nautical sign. The navy blue necktie is removable so the dress could be worn without it as well.

 The sailor-style will make your kid look so handsome that he is going to be the center of attention wherever he is going to wear this suit set. A great match to be worn to nautical theme parties, costume parties, birthday parties, photoshoots, beach, and Halloween. 

The rain shoe style will match perfectly with the vibe of this cute sailor suit and preferably the white colour of it will be an excellent choice.

9. Three-piece Baby Gentleman Jumpsuit

The set includes one jumpsuit, one vest coat, and one beret hat. There are various colors available for this jumpsuit set that you can choose from. The fabric used to make this entire set is a high-quality organic cotton that provides comfort to your kid. The tuxedo designed suit is perfect to wear for baptism, pageant, church, wedding, and birthday party. 

The long sleeve suit set is perfect for seasons like autumn and spring with a little chill in the air. The charming beret hat and the bow tie is designed to give the gentlemanly look to your little man. It comes with button closure and hence, convenient for your toddlers who might need frequent diaper changing. A nice gift to be bought for your kid or to be given to others.

Jumpsuits often look great with athletic sneakers and the combination of both will be accurate for your kid. The comfort level of the shoes will be a plus point.

 10. Boys Three-piece Tweed Vest

If you want the 1920s style for your kid but do not want to buy an entire dress then this three-piece vest set is the perfect choice for you. The set includes a tweed vest with a matching cap and a bow tie. 

Your boy can wear it with jeans or other trousers and a white shirt that he already has in his collection. There are colors available for this style but the khaki one provides a vintage look to the overall style of your kid

 The fabrics used to make this set is 70% polyester and 30% Rayon. There are two functional front pockets and four-button closure on the front. Suitable wear for weddings, church, casual and formal parties, Christmas, family gatherings, and photoshoots.

The Oxford shoes with embellished patterns just like the adult shoes from the 20s portrays look marvelous with tweed vests and suits and you can opt for it to be worn with this tweed vest.

Now, let us move towards the girls’ fashion from the roaring 20s.

Best 1920s Kids Clothes – For Girls

1. Bonnie Jean Girls Sailor Dress

This cute sailor dress with a nautical collar style is going to look super cute on your little princess. The dress is made entirely from polyester so you can be assured of its quality and durability. It comes with a zipper closure and sailor-style collar and short sleeves. It can be machine washed. 

The cute large bow on the front portion looks adorable with the rest of the design of the dress. It can be worn to any special or casual occasions and can be worn throughout the year. The style looks amazing and is eye-catching. 

The mary jane shoes are the ones perfect for the girl’s dresses as mentioned in the article above. This sailor dress will look great with a white color pair of the same style shoes.

2. SPEINY Girls Summer Dress

If your girl is between the age of 3-11 then her summer collection should have this beautiful floral dress. Available in three colors, the dress has a zipper closure. The rounded crew neck style and the sleeveless design make it a comfortable wear for the summers. The dress is made from polyester with cotton lining. 

You can machine wash this product and the quality would be intact. Polyester and cotton are enough to assure you of the high quality of the product. It is true to size, although you can always order a size longer as the kids outgrow their dresses very quickly. This is casual wear that can be worn as daily wear or can be worn on occasions such as birthdays or easter.

This summer floral dress will look great with a pair of low heels dress shoe styles in the shadow of 20s style.

3. Girls Short Sleeve Chiffon Dress

Available in four elegant colors, this Chiffon dress is a perfect match for your girl to be worn on special occasions if she wants to steal the thunder of the occasion. The dress runs long and matches the fashion of the 20s. It comes with a concealed zipper closure at the back and a rounded crew neck style. The fitting type is casual and it has flutter short sleeves. 

The fabric is soft with 98% polyester and 2% viscose. The fixed ribbon belt looks adorable at the waist and adds to the charm of the dress. A perfect fit for pageants and wedding parties. Apart from that, it can be worn at birthday parties, formal parties, and photoshoots as well. 

Wear this beautiful chiffon dress with a pair of sparkling wedding style shoes matching according to the color of the dress and walk with style.

4. Toddler Girl Casual Dress

The specialty of this dress category is that you get to choose from a variety of designs. From Christmas to casual, whatever the occasion is, there is a dress of your choice. The dress is designed for the autumn and winter seasons with long sleeves. It comes with a button closure and a round neck style. 

The premium quality cotton fabric makes it comfortable to wear and is very soft and breathable. The stitching of the dress is durable so your active little girl will be fine wearing this. It can be worn during hotter days as well and can be worn with leggings during winters.

A pair of flat ballet shoes will look great with this dress. The easy to put on shoes are very comfortable to carry and match the charm of the dress your kid wears.

5. Girls Sleeveless Tennis Sweater Dress

This pretty white tennis sweater dress comes with navy borders and looks adorable on little girls. The dress runs short and covers knee length. The features of the dress include soft organic cotton fabric, navy contrast trim, knit bows at the shoulders, and a pleated skirt that looks adorable while twirling. 

A great choice to be worn during summers and for a sporty look. Can be worn with shoes or sandals. Casual wear to be worn as daily wear or on special occasions such as birthdays and parties. With this dress, your little princess will surely be attracting compliments.

Gymnastic cotton shoes with rubber soles are comfortable and perfect to wear with this dress if your kid wants to portray a sporty look. 

6. 20s Flapper Child Costume

This costume set includes a fringed flapper dress with a headband from the roaring 20s style. The material used is 100% polyester. The fringe style will look great when she will dance or twirl or walk. 

The glamorous fashion is a perfect selection to be worn at dance parties, costume parties and 20s themed parties. Other accessories from the 20s style can be bought separately to build the charm of this dress. Ideal wear for stage performances and Halloween as well.

Fringe dresses look amazing with leather heels and maintain the style while dancing as well. 

6. Silver Flapper Child Costume

What is a better color than silver to flaunt the 20s style and become everyone’s favorite at a party! The fringe style never fails to add elegance to whatever fashion you wear and that is exactly the case with this one as well. The sequin headband with a feather portrays the 20s style as accurately as possible. 

A great choice to wear for dances, kids pageants, costume dresses, stage performances, and themed parties. The polyester fabric makes it a durable product to trust and easy cleaning will preserve the design of this adorable dress. 

This might look adorable with flat ballet style shoes with some sparkling look that will enhance the look of this dress.

8. 1920s Flapper Dress For Children

Apart from being a perfect choice for 20s themed parties, the glamorous colors that this dress is available in makes it a perfect option to be worn at disco parties and dances as well. The short length of this dress looks cute on kids and the headband is a suitable match that goes very well with the dress. The dress comes with a zipper closure and a round neck style. 

The gatsby dress includes other features such as polyester fabric, soft fringe, sequins embellished dots, flower pattern, and feather. The dress is very comfortable and breathable to wear. Unleash the bold fashion of the 20s with this dress for your little girl.

The slip-on style shoes are always comfortable and are available in various designs to choose from. Whatever your kid is wearing, these shoes will always match the vibe of the dress.

9. Gatsby Sequin Dance Dress

This charming dress with adorable fringe style looks great on little girls. This can be worn with 20s accessories like headbands with feathers and gloves and bracelets as well that can be bought separately. This gorgeous dress is available in several colors and all the sizes to choose from. 

The design of this dress includes a V-neck style and sequin fringe irregular hem. It comes with a zipper closure. The polyester makes the dress soft and comfortable wear to put on for costume parties and Halloweens. Apart from that, it can be worn to adult parties such as weddings as well.

Ankle strap ballet dress shoes are another alternative to be worn with fringe dresses to enhance the bright look of the dress. Also, the flat base makes it comfortable to walk in for the kids who are usually active.

10. Mommy and Me Flapper Dresses

If you are looking for something that both you and your little princess can wear and flaunt together then this is the choice for you. The dresses are of knee-length and are entirely embellished with sequin beaded patterns. The soft fabric of the dress is polyester and comes with a zipper closure.

 It also has two layers with separate slip lined to make it comfortable to put on and the micro elastic makes it breathable to wear. The irregular hem makes you both look adorable on the dance floor. Twin in this beautiful dress set and put on some 20s jewelry and get compliments and smiling nods the entire evening.

This will look super cute with 20s style mary jane heels that will enhance the look of the flapper dress.

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