Best 1920s Headwear Designs for Women

The 1920s were the most revolutionizing years in the fashion world! Be it the introduction of flapper dresses, Gatsby suits, or strapped pumps, there were revolution and development in all fields of fashion. Another important part for the ‘20s women, which cannot be ignored is their numerous stylish headwear. Just like their dresses and shoes, the 1920s headwears were also sparkly and glittery, exactly how the ‘20s women loved back then. 

There were several options for women to use as headwear. It started with cloche hats, which were usually worn during the day. Later, the ‘20s women got inspired by the look of the Egyptian queens and wanted to try crowns, head wraps, and tiaras. Small hairclips also became popular, which were usually studded with stones, pearls, and feathers. 

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The ‘20s women felt the need to try out headwear after watching the flapper movie stars wear them. This influenced all other women to try out these amazing shimmery head wears, which further created a demand for these among all women. As already said above, there were many options available for the ‘20s women to experiment with their headwear.

In this article, we have tried to jot down a few of the most popular 1920s headwear. We have included detailed historic descriptions for all of these stunning headwear so that if you are looking to buy a ‘20s style headwear, you can easily decide which one you want to go for. Since our job is to make your job easier, we have also included ‘20s style headwear that you can buy TODAY, right from your couch!

So, by the end of this article, you will not just know the names of the most popular 1920s headwear, but will also have elaborate details of these products that you can buy from your favorite online shopping site. 

1920s Headwear for Women

1.Wrap-Style Headband

One of the most common headwear for the 1920s women was a wrap-style headband. Just like the name suggests, this headwear is simply wrapped around the head. It is a simple accessory, which can be used for a casual event or a fancy event as well. It is usually made of lace, pearls, beads, colored stones, rhinestones, silver braid, etc, and is a singular strand.

Wrap-Style Headband
Credit: The Z Magazine

It is easy to wear and just needs to be wrapped around a person’s head. Sometimes these wrap-style headbands are also worn around the forehead or a bun. It was also sometimes wrapped around a woman’s braids. These were popular majorly around 1920-1922. These wrap-style headbands were not necessarily made of fancy jewels or lacy materials. 

Women also used ribbons or sometimes even a scarf to tie around their head. Making a big bow on one side with these ribbons or scarves was also considered playful and fashionable. This type of wrap-style headband was usually worn during the day and was not considered to be worn to a formal or a fancy event. These handmade bands were a hobby that most women enjoyed during leisure. 

Babeyond Art Deco 1920’s Headpiece Headband

Babeyond Art Deco 1920's Headpiece Headband

Babeyond is a popular and renowned brand for clothing and other accessories. This wrap-style headband is another one of their amazing products. This headband comes in a classic black color and is embedded with dazzling crystals. It is a 100% handmade product that ensures the high-quality of this 20s style headband. It is a free-size product, which means it will fit anyone who tries it. 

The materials used in this wrap-style headband are imitation pearls, Austrian crystal, and an elastic ribbon which acts as the base on which all the decorations are embellished. You can buy this headband for yourself, or you can gift it to your mother, sister, friend, etc. It also acts as the perfect Christmas gift or even an engagement gift. 

One can wear this wrap-style headwear to a ‘20s themed party or any wedding they want. Overall, this is a vintage wrap-styled headwear of the ‘20s, but can easily be worn for modern events as well. It is a well-made and gorgeous headwear, that stays in place and grabs everyone’s attention!

2.Brain Binder

The brain binder headwear looks similar to a wrap-style headband but has a few differences. This headwear is tight-fitting and is worn by circling the forehead. It looks very tight-fitted and is hence also popularly known as a headache band. The brain binders were available in several designs. Some were thin and looked like ribbons, while some were thicker. 

Some fancier versions of these brain binders had dangling beads or strings like tassels at the sides, which made them fancy enough to wear to a party or a wedding. The brain binder was more popular among teenagers than among middle-aged women. They would usually match these with their dresses or with other accessories that they were wearing. 

Brain Binder

To make these brain binders more party-appropriate, decorations were needed. Manufacturers added gemstones or other silver beads and pearls to this headwear to make them look more stunning and fancier. As already mentioned above, in the 1920s women were greatly inspired by the looks of the Egyptian queens and every woman wanted to look like one. 

The Egyptian culture, overall, impacted the designs of this headwear a lot. Brain binders were often carved with the design of hieroglyphs, pharaohs, or cats and spiders. These designs gave them an Egyptian-inspired look which was admired by many women in the ‘20s. These designs were also responsible for making a simple brain binder turn into a magnificent one.

SWEETV 1920’s Flapper Headband

SWEETV 1920's Flapper Headband

This one is a brain-binder design headwear by the brand SweetV. It is a stretchy headband, which features a large crystal at its center. The centerpiece has silver rhinestones which add a shimmer to this brain binder headwear. It is a free-size product, which means one size would fit anyone who tries it on. One can wear this headwear to several occasions, be it a Great Gatsby themed party, a beauty pageant, cosplay costume, or any other party. 

The elastic sash is approximately 0.31 inches in measurement and the circumference is about 20.47 inches. It is extremely comfortable to wear, and does not give you a headache as most brain-binder headwear do! The designs on this headwear are retro and the handcrafts are delicate, making this a very elegant and high-quality brain-binder ‘20s style headwear

The crystals on this piece look stunning and are embedded with care. It is a gorgeous piece and is also very reasonably priced.


When we think of a fully decked up 1920s women, we see her in a skull cap, don’t we? Well, at least I do! When I picture a gorgeous ‘20s woman, I see her with a heavily beaded skull cap, shining bright like stars on her head. It is kind of like a symbol for the classic ‘20s. 

The name describes this headwear perfectly- it is a cap that covers the entire skull. But not just some random and basic cap. It is a beautifully made cap with intricate and detailed designs, with several fancy decorations on it. One such skull cap was seen worn by Juliet in the famous play by Shakespeare, Romeo And Juliet. Thus, this headwear is often known as the Juliette cap as well. 


For the skull cap to be able to cover a person’s hair completely and efficiently, one needs to have thin hair. A head full of thick hair will not be efficiently covered entirely by a skull cap. These caps were usually made on a hairnet, by adding beads onto it. Tassels were also added to some skull caps, while some had fringes that reached one’s forehead and ears. 

If not hairnet, some caps were made with cloth and were covered with a golden braid or beads, completely. The beads on a skull cap are usually embedded in a way to match the beads of the dress that a person is going to wear with it. Skull caps usually had a brimless design.

Even though skull caps looked magical, they were not worn by women since they were extremely costly. Everyone could not afford a skull cap, which made this stunning piece of headwear only available for the wealthier women of the society.

1920s Beaded Cap Exotic Cleopatra Headpiece

1920s Beaded Cap Exotic Cleopatra Headpiece

The skull cap was one of the most stylish headwear of the ‘20s women and so is this one on our list. This is a beautiful silver skull cap, which is inspired by the Egyptian queens’ skull caps. The ‘20s women admired the Egyptian queens a lot, and these skull caps like this would make them look like one too! The beads on this piece are mainly silver, with a touch of golden and black, to give it the right dazzle. 

It is a one-size skull cap, thus, you do not have to worry about its fittings. The beads are arranged in a certain array, which gives a kind of a uniform look to this skull cap. It also features beads in the form of tassels that dangle from the sides of this headwear. These dangling tassels add the right touch of authenticity to this skull cap, making it look like a truly ‘20s themed headwear. 

This skull cap can be worn to a Great Gatsby themed party, or to a wedding reception, a beauty pageant, or a fancy dress competition/party. It is extremely versatile and authentic, and will bring tons of compliments your way!

4.1920s Tiara

A tiara is something that is loved by all women even today! In the 1920s, two kinds of tiaras were popular among women; one was the princess diamond tiara and the other was an Egyptian inspired gold tiara. These tiaras were usually worn by women to an evening event, and not during the day. Tiaras were usually compact and not too heavy, but were an elegant choice. 

1920s Tiara

They are simply perched on a woman’s head, making all women feel like princesses or queens wearing crowns. Later, the headband and tiara were blended as one headwear, and women often wore it on their foreheads instead of their crowns. These tiaras were not always easy to keep in place. To do so, hair combs were commonly used, which is the next product we will be talking about.

Crystal Leaf Wedding Tiara Crown

Crystal Leaf Wedding Tiara Crown

Even though the tiara was one of the simplest kinds of headwear back in the ‘20s, it was one of the most stunning ones. This beautiful rose-gold tiara is so stunning that you would want to wear it the moment you lay your eyes on it! It has a simple design, which is ideally meant for a bride or bridesmaid, but we think it can be worn for any other formal party or event. This tiara would go perfectly along with some of the best bridesmaid dresses for women.

It is 100% handmade, which shows us how carefully the manufacturer has made this tiara. It has a bendy nature, which allows it to bend according to the shape of your head. It has a beautiful flower and leaf design, which is so simple yet elegant. It is made with rhinestone and alloy, giving it a nice durable finish. The diameter is approximately 6.69 inches and the height is 0.98 inches.

It is a one-size tiara that fits all. It features a loop-end design, which makes sure that your tiara stays in place throughout the time you wear it. It has a hard texture and a subtly shiny look. If I’m being honest, this is my favorite headwear on this list!

5.1920s Hair combs

Yes, hair combs were a headwear back in the ‘20s and not just a tool to keep your hair in place. These did not look like regular hair combs and were jeweled and sparkly like any other 1920s headwear. They were also known as Spanish combs and were mainly used to hold back a woman’s hair. They were knotted into the buns the ladies made.

1920s Hair combs

Since these hair combs were so pretty, women made sure that everyone was able to see their hair combs, and so they placed them at a certain angle to make them easily visible. One could see a woman’s hair comb poke out from one side of their buns. These hair combs were made with celluloid, and one could find them in several sizes and shapes. Some were rhinestone versions, while others were hand-carved. 

The beads or crystals on these hair combs were usually pink, blue, or green. The celluloid used in the hair comb was orangish in color, and hence the color of the crystals was chosen wisely to make them look bright and contrasting. A small-sized hair comb was used for shorter hair, or even for longer hair, while the main purpose being to keep hair in a neat position. Women used a curved and long hair comb as a tool to keep rolled-up hair neat and in place.

Yean Decorative Bride Wedding Hair Combs

Yean Decorative Bride Wedding Hair Combs

Hair combs were very fancy headwear in the 1920s. They were usually used to keep long hair in place. This studded hair comb by the brand Yean is extremely stunning and looks like a vintage hair comb. It is silver in color and is approximately 3.45 x 2.36 inches in measurement. Rhinestones and beads are beautifully embedded in this hair comb.

 It is a high-quality hair comb and the materials used in this headwear are glass and metal. This elegant hair comb is appropriate for wearing to several events; a wedding reception, a themed party, or any evening party. It is a well-made hair comb that is glued properly so you do not have to worry about it getting detached. It is lightweight, making it perfect to wear for hours at a go. 

Overall, this is a moderately sized and prized sparkly hair comb, which reminds us of the authentic ‘20s hair comb.

6.Feather Headband

Another classic 1920s look would include a feathered headband. Peacock feathers were quite commonly used in these headbands since everyone loved their bright blue, green, and golden shades. The feathered headband was a simple accessory. It was a plain headband with feathers attached to it. To add a bit of shimmer to these, green and blue jewels or pearls were also added to these feathers. 

Feather Headband

Apart from peacock feathers, white Egret feathers were also very popular. These feathers were either tucked into one side of the headband or the center. The tallest feather would usually be tucked in straight. This feathered look was inspired by Paul Poiret’s feather attached turbans, which later made their way into the early ‘20s.

Peacock Feather Headband Crystal Great Gatsby Headband 

Peacock Feather Headband Crystal Great Gatsby Headband

Feather headbands were another classic 1920s headwear for women. These feathers were usually peacock feathers or white Egret feathered. This feathered headband is 100% handmade, thus ensuring the high-quality of it. It features silver crystals and a light pink lace, along with beige feathers, which are the center of attraction in this headwear.

 It is a free-size band, which means one size will easily fit anyone who tries it. The crystals and feathers used in this headband are high-quality. It can be worn to a ‘20s themed party, a wedding party, or a beauty pageant. It adds a great pop color to your entire getup. It is perfect for a roaring ‘20s themed party. 

Overall, it is an extremely gorgeous and lightweight feathered headband, which is reasonably priced and looks magical! Customers have claimed that this feathered headband is of higher quality than you expect it to be.

7.Headwrap/ Scarf

As already said above, all women in the ‘20s were not able to afford the stunning skull caps, since they were costly. Also, the skull cap was not something you can wear casually during the day. Women needed an alternative for it, and that alternative was the head wrap, also known as a scarf. Just like you must have guessed by now, this headwrap was nothing but a scarf, preferable rectangular, that used to be wrapped around the head. 

Headwrap/ Scarf

They were usually made of silk material. It used to be wrapped around a person’s head, leaving an open space near the crown. Women often left one side of the scarf to dangle freely at the back or the side of the head. These headwraps were either plain or were printed with large flowers or other prints. 

Since these headwraps were the alternative for the fancy skull caps, these could be worn during the day for any casual event, or while participating in sports. 

Evolve Satin Wrap Scarf

Evolve Satin Wrap Scarf

Headwraps were used as an alternative for the expensive skull caps. They were usually worn during the day, or at any sporty event. This wrap scarf by the brand Evolve works as a headwrap. It comes in a classic black color. The material used is satin, which gives it a nice and smooth touch and feel. The satin used here is high-quality, ensuring the high-durability of this scarf. 

The satin is non-abrasive, which is responsible for making this headwrap a high-quality one. Another important feature of this headwrap is that it promotes healthy hair growth. It has ties that need to be adjusted accordingly at the back of the head. These ties are long enough to provide a secure hold and give a nice fitting. One can use this headwrap for protecting their hair at night. 

Customers have found this headwrap to be a great wrap for moisture. This is not just a fashion product, but also a healthcare product. This means you get two-in-one benefits from this headwrap!

8.The Turban Hat

The turban hat had been popular even before the 1920s. It remained in the trend until the mid-20s. These turban hats were completely similar to head wraps/scarves. The only difference was that a turban hat may not be made necessarily from a scarf. It could be made from any piece of fabric that was long enough to be made into a turban. 

The Turban Hat

Turban hats were usually considered as an evening look. People also used fancy fabrics like velvet for formal evening events. It added the right amount of elegance and style. If we look at it from a certain perspective, a turban hat is the best option for someone who does not feel like styling their hair for an event. It is the go-to option for such a scenario, while still maintaining a classy look. 

CHUANGLI Women’s 20S Gatsby Turban Hat

CHUANGLI Women's 20S Gatsby Turban Hat

The turban hats were a great option for an evening look back in the ‘20s. It was also a great option for women when they did not feel like styling their hair! All they needed was a stylish turban hat to instantly make them look gorgeous, without worrying about any hairstyle. This silver-colored turban hat by Chuangli Store is a replica of the classic ‘20s turban hat.

 It has a pleated design, which makes it a classier and fancier version of a regular turban hat. The material used for this turban hat is polyester fabric. It also features high-quality crystals at the center, which adds a shimmer to this turban. It is easy to wear since it is pre-tied and all you have to do is just slip it onto your head. It has an elastic material, which fits comfortably according to your size. 

Its circumference is approximately 22.8 inches. One can wear this turban hat to any special occasion, or a themed party. Customers have claimed it to be a very beautiful turban hat, and after seeing their pictures, we think so too!

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