10 Best 1920s Flapper Headbands

Wearing headbands and tiaras with flapper dresses was in fashion during the roaring 20s. If you have watched movies like The Great Gatsby, and Downtown Abbey, then you are aware of the style of 20s portrayed by various female characters. This article will be everything about 1920s flapper headbands and the best ones you can buy right now in the market.

You can now have those headbands at very reasonable prices online and can match the style of the ladies from that era. The popular accessories back then included hair combs, headbands, tiaras, hair clips, and beaded skull caps. Wear one with your flapper dress and flaunt the Vintage style of yours.

Let us have a look at the online options we have for the hair accessories from the 1920s fashion available on Amazon.

10 Best 1920s Flapper Headbands

1. Radtengle 1920s Flapper Headband 

Radtengle 1920s Flapper Headband

The style of this flapper headband is precisely based on the look from The Great Gatsby. This gorgeous headpiece is made from crystal and pearl of high quality and an adjustable ribbon is provided at the back. The free size of the headband fits everyone. You just need to adjust the ribbon according to your fit.

The design is eye-catching amazing with leaves and medallion decor. Highly suitable for costume parties, cocktail parties, weddings, bachelorette parties, and of course great gatsby or 1920s themed parties. 

2. BABEYOND Women’s Ruffle Turban Hat

BABEYOND Women's Ruffle Turban Hat

This turban headwrap is a show of elegance and beauty. Specifically crafted for the 1920s themed costume parties, this headband comes with a detachable crystal brooch. Available in multiple colour range, this headband is made from polyester fabric and is designed with high-quality rhinestone crystal. 

If you got less time to decorate and style your hair you can put on this head wrap and look like a gorgeous lady who came right from the 20s. Wear it to fancy occasions such as proms, pageants, cosplay costumes, wedding parties, fancy dress parties, and of course the 20s themed parties. This one is made to get you nothing but compliments!

3. BABEYOND 1920s Beaded Cap Headpiece

BABEYOND 1920s Beaded Cap Headpiece

This beaded cap headpiece will look gorgeous with the flapper dressed of full length. This has a touch of grace in its design which will make you the center of attraction in the entire room. You do not have to worry about the size as it is designed with elastic to fit all head sizes.

 Depending on the color you choose, this headband is embellished with fantastic beads in silver, gold, and black tone. Beautifully designed tassels of beads make it a perfect accessory to wear with your flapper dresses. This could be worn to great gatsby theme parties, costume parties, proms and pageants.

4. BABEYOND Gatsby Turban Hat

BABEYOND Gatsby Turban Hat

This one is Amazon’s choice for peacock hat. This peacock styled turban hat flawlessly portrays the vintage style of the roaring 20s. This one is amazing to wear for your costume parties and you can be assured of the fact that you are going to get so many compliments and questions about this one. 

And apart from the flapper dresses, you can wear it with other dresses of yours and this is going to look gorgeous with harem pants as well. The polyester fabric makes it a durable piece to possess and you will be mesmerised with the rhinestone crystal that is attached to it.

 The crystal brooch is detachable so if you are planning to wear it to some modest event, you can do that as well.

5. SWEETV Flapper Headbands

SWEETV Flapper Headbands

Available in 5 elegant colors, ivory, black, blush pink, blue, and mulberry red, this ostrich feather made flapper headband is a classic from 1920s fashion. This will enhance your look at the great gatsby. You can wear it to plays and proms if you are keen to portray the fashion of the roaring 20s. 

The other features of this headband include elastic ribbon, Austrian crystals, and plated alloy. You can also wear this Vintage-styled piece to retro-themed parties and costume parties as well as weddings, proms, and pageants. The layout is gracefully designed with handcraft and hence a comfortable piece to wear with your dresses.

6. Jeanne Simmons Women’s Velvet Turban Hat

This one has got you in all seasons. The velvet touch makes it wearable in winters with velvet flapper dresses as well. The fabric is 100% polyester which guarantees the durability of the product to you. And this can be packed easily as well without getting damaged even if compressed with other luggage. 

The product is a definition of comfort as it is flexible and can be easily stretched. There are various color options for you to choose from. This one fits easily and is lightweight so you do not feel like a burden carrying over your head. The fabric and colors add a touch of charm to your flapper dresses.

7. BABEYOND 1920s Flapper Peacock Feather Headband

BABEYOND 1920s Flapper Peacock Feather Headband

This flapper headband is carefully and elegantly handcrafted. Peacock feathers and blinking crystals are used to design this lovely headpiece. This is of free size so one size can fit most of the women and even teenagers.

The beaded crystals used to embellish this are of high quality so you can be assured that it would not lose the charm that quick and if kept safely and in a perfect condition, then you can keep it for long. Wear it to proms, cocktail parties, costume parties and 20s themed parties to cast a spell on others.

8. BABEYOND Roaring 20s Forehead Band

This vintage style headpiece with forehead chain will look fabulous on you if you are planning on wearing it as a maid of honour or a bridesmaid. Apart from that, this could be worn in a gatsby themed party with a flapper dress as well. 

This elegant piece is made from eco-friendly gold plated alloy and great quality of crystals are designed on its structure. It comes in free size and could be gently bent to adjust to your head size. 

This would look best in occasions such as weddings, proms, and pageants apart from costume and cocktail parties. And this is a great choice if you are looking for an ideal gift to give to someone special as well.

9. Bohomonde, Indira Headband

This boho headpiece is a symbol of refinement. The classy colors that this headband is available in and the style it exhibits, makes you want to have one in your collection. And this is the choice that could be worn in simply any occasion that you are dressing for. Not just the costume parties but this gives you a gorgeous look with any dress and color you wear. 

It comes with elastic at the back so you could adjust it to your preferred size. The glamorous rhinestone crystals and shiny embroidery would make everyone’s heart melt and compliments will be on the line. Wear it with your flapper dress and rock the party!

10. FELIZHOUSE 1920s Fascinator Feathers Headband

This feather headband is designed to complement your hairstyle. This one has got a bold style that will look great with your flapper dresses and wedding dresses as well. Apart from that, it would look great with short dresses, frocks, and any dress that depicts the fashion of the roaring 20s. 

You can even wear it to some basic events that happen daily such as birthday parties or evening tea-parties. You do not have to dress like the 20s only to match this headpiece with your attire. This is a band that can go with the fashion of any era and looks equally graceful with any outfit you wear.

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